Huck Retains Title After Thriller With Afolabi


MARCO HUCK retained his WBO cruiserweight title last night after his fight with Britain’s OLA AFOLABI went to a draw in Erfut, Germany.

At the end of the twelfth round, the judges scored the card 114-114, 114-114 and 115-113 for Huck, resulting in a majority draw. The fight often resembled a Rocky movie, both men swinging wildly and connecting with brutal shots that mirrored Balboa Vs Creed.

American-based Londoner Afolabi started off well, boxing cleverly and picking his punches, with “Captain” Huck’s nose beginning to bleed by the third round.

However, Huck began to find his way into the fight almost immediately afterwards, landing his now trademark flurries and turning the tide in his favour.

Huck thumped Afolabi with a massive uppercut in the sixth round that stunned the 32-year-old but the Brit showed a granite chin and shrugged off the German’s assault.

In the seventh, Huck rocked Afolabi yet again with a huge right hand, but Afolabi continued to fight on and survive, opening up a cut above the champion’s eye.

Huck proceeded to unload on Afolabi in the eighth, looking to finish him off with wild uppercuts and crosses but Afolabi managed to survive. It was at this point the tide began to turn even further for Huck as a frenetic flurry in the ninth from Huck left Afolabi hanging on for dear life and was relieved to be saved by the bell.

However, Afolabi made a miraculous recovery in the tenth round, coming forward with a relentless assault, forcing the 27-year-old on the back foot. Both men traded hard and clinical blows in the eleventh, both appearing exhausted as they gave it every last fibre of their being to be crowned the winner.

Huck and Afolabi continued to stand toe-to-toe, delivering bombs to each other’s faces, with Afolabi looking hurt and ready to hit the canvas. However, he once again recovered and fought another adrenaline-fuelled round before the fight was brought to an end.

Huck has now built up a reputation as a solid fighter that can easily trade with the best of them, as proven when he made the step up to heavyweight three months ago to challenge WBA champion, ALEXANDER POVETKIN and was unlucky not to walk away with the title.

Afolabi has been one of British boxing’s best kept secrets and even though he wasn’t victorious, his stock will continue to rise and if he wishes he may get a rematch with Huck, possibly in his home country.

After a highly entertaining  fight, boxing  fans worldwide will be sure to keep their eyes peeled as to when either of these fighters step into the ring again.



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