McCallum Furious Over “Disgraceful” Treatment

HOTSHOT welterweight sensation JOHN MCCALLUM has hit out at ALEX ARTHUR, accusing the Scottish star of treating him “disgracefully”.

The 23-year-old from Edinburgh was recently snapped up by Arthur as one of the first signings for his fledgling AAA promotions and was set to fight on his show at Meadowbank last Saturday.

However, McCallum has claimed that he was left without an opponent at the last minute and was left to watch the event at ringside. In addition, McCallum has now challenged Arthur to a fight later on this year.

Speaking to the Daily Record, McCallum said: “I am far from happy as I was only told that I didn’t have a fight at 5.45pm on the night.

“I let about 500 people down and sold a lot of tickets so Alex messed me about badly after I had trained for four months.

“Craig Kelly was going to fight me but pulled out on the day of the fight. Alex then fought Michael Frontin, who I am better than, and I was embarrassed to be sitting at the side of the ring with people asking why I wasn’t fighting this guy or even Alex.

“So Alex can make it up to me by bringing it on. I will even fight him at light welterweight because he has treated me disgracefully and should give the public the fight they want to see.”




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