Drama And Ocatne At Scottish Showcase

MOTHERWELL played host to some of Scotland’s finest boxing talent in a sold-out show last Friday night.

The event at Dalziel Park Country Club was organised jointly by legendary promoter Alex Morrison and Billy Nelson, trainer of fighters such as Ricky Burns and Paul Appleby. However, there was certainly no lack of controversy or thrilling action.

In the main event of the evening, middleweight fighter DAVID BROPHY shockingly shared a draw with LEE NOBLE over four three-minute rounds. The referee, Kenny Pringle scored the bout 39-39 much to the fury of the rapturous crowd and even to the surprise of the officials at ringside.

Brophy dominated the centre of the ring and landed with effective jabs and powerful uppercuts throughout. Journeyman Noble offered little in return however and was left reddened and often unable to reply with any real substance.

Noble attempted to make some form of comeback in the last two rounds but this was to no avail as Brophy continued to pile on the pressure, making it seem obvious that there would be no other decision than a Brophy win.

Despite the draw however, Brophy remains undefeated at 4-0-1.

SEAN WATSON defeated MICHAEL HARVEY over four three-minute rounds in the super featherweight division in a 40-35 win. Watson unloaded with crisp hooks and straights, opening a deep cut above Harvey’s head in round three after a colossal left hook.

It was a solid performance from Watson that takes his record to 2-1.

RHYS PAGAN has been tipped by many as one to watch for the future and it was clear why after he out pointed TOMASZ MAZURKIEWICZ four rounds in the welterweight division. The 18-year-old showed tremendous skill in fending off the Manchester-based Pole’s assault

This was only Pagan’s second outing as a professional but looked extremely comfortable, finding the target with blistering combinations and counter-punching Mazurkiewicz’s uppercuts.

The official scorecard was 39-38 but it ought to have been wider for Pagan.

Middleweight RYAN GREENE defeated DALTON MILLER on points also. Miller started well in the fight but this only spurred on Greene who was almost relentless for the rest of the fight. Miller had no chance to recover and Greene won by 39-37.


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