Legend Barrera Targets Rematch With Khan

MEXICAN icon MARCO ANTONIO BARRERA has sensationally revealed that he would be very interested in a rematch with Britain’s AMIR KHAN.

The 38-year-old nicknamed “The Babyfaced Assassin” is disappointed with how his time in the main event boxing limelight after losing to Khan by technical decision in Manchester in March 2009 following an accidental clash of heads in their lightweight bout.

Now, Barrera is keen to settle the score with Khan, who is currently training for his big rematch with Lamont Peterson in Las Vegas in May. However Barrera revealed that his MOTHER has been the one stopping him from having another fight.

“I said to my mother that I want to fight one more time. She said: ‘Come on – you’ve had a great career, stop now.’ But I feel very sad that I fought Amir Khan with the cut and I want one more fight to prove who I am.

Barrera was in the UK for a brief tour which culminated with his appearance on Sky Sports show Ringside.

He said: “Amir Khan never fought with me – he only hit me with his head. He just needed my name but he never fought with me.

“I don’t think Khan can be a great champion. He looked good in the fight with Peterson, which was a tough fight, but he cries. In Manchester when he fought me, the commission gave him a big present when he hit me with his head.

“If they stopped the fight, ‘no contest’ should have been the decision. And there was no rematch – yet he demands one with Peterson. I would fight him again – not for Amir Khan but for all the people here in England who want to know who Amir Khan is.

“He’s very fast but he doesnt have a punch. He does have a head made of stone though! I respect him but he doesn’t respect the people in England because he knows he didn’t beat me fighting.”


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