Dawson Vows “To Take Out” Hopkins

It has been confirmed that BERNARD HOPKINS, the oldest man to ever win a world title, will defend his WBC Light-Heavyweight championship against CHAD DAWSON in a rematch from their highly farcical fight last October.

That bout was brought to a bizzare and premature halt when the 47-year-old Hopkins injured his left shoulder in an awkward fall in the second round and Dawson was initially declared the winner by technical knockout.

However the fight was later ruled a no contest by the California Athletic Commission prompting the World Boxing Council to order this immediate rematch on April 28th at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Picking up on where he left off, Dawson, 29, denied the video evidence that was shown to him and called Hopkins an “actor” at the press conference in New York yesterday.

Dawson also vowed to “take the old man out” but Hopkins was having none of it, after listening to him and his promoter, Gary Shaw, make their case as Hopkins refused to assume the traditional face-off pose with Dawson for the photographers. Dawson then insulted Hopkins further before leaving the stage to meet with waiting reporters.

“On the previous night, I came to fight,” said Dawson. “I wanted to fight Bernard Hopkins and I was looking forward to dethroning him that night. The way he pulled the stunt he pulled, it messed up all of my plans.

“So I’m back here, I got to fight him again. After that night I should have been the champion.

“Legends don’t behave the way he did that night. I would have fought Bernard Hopkins with one finger that night, and probably still would’ve won.

Hopkins said in response to Dawson’s remarks: “Chad Dawson can say whatever he wants, but I am not going to trash talk this one.

“Everyone knows what I am capable of in the ring. They have seen it over 50 times before in the last 20-plus years.”


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