Shameful: Haye And Chisora Brawl At Post-Fight Press Conference

British heavyweights DAVID HAYE and DERECK CHISORA were involved in a disgraceful brawl at the press conference following Chisora’s defeat to Vitali Klitschko in Munich.

The incident brought shame on British boxing as the pair were filmed by dozens of cameras trading punches in a melee that left Haye’s trainer and manager Adam Booth with a nasty gash on his forehead.

Haye had been working as a pundit for the fight on BoxNation, where the Ukrainian won on a unanimous points decision. Haye, who was beaten by Vitali’s younger brother Wladimir in Hamburg last July and blamed a toe injury, became agitated during the press conference because of comments made by Klitschko’s manager, Bernd Boente.

The former WBA World Champion is hoping to face Vitali himself but Boente said: “You had an offer, you didn’t accept it, now you are out. You cannot talk yourself back into the fight, you have no belts. He (Chisora) showed heart, contrary to you. You showed your toe.”

Chisora and his promoter, Frank Warren, then attempted to goad Haye into agreeing to fight Chisora, who repeatedly asked Haye “How’s your toe?” and then calmly left the stage to confront his compatriot, which resulted in the pair exchanging punches.

At one point Haye swung a camera tripod at Chisora’s manager Don Charles, which instead caused injury to Haye’s trainer Adam Booth and moments later Chisora re-appeared brandishing a glass bottle and shouting threats at Haye, chillingly bellowing “I swear to God I am going to shoot David Haye”.

As both camps tried to seperate the embarrassing duo, Chisora could be heard shouting “He glassed me!” with pictures showing that as Haye went to punch Chisora, he was brandishing a bottle in a clenched fist.

After they were seperated, Booth reappeared to face Chisora to ask him “Dereck, man-to-man, I want to know who glassed me. Someone hit me with a bottle.”

The Klitschko brothers both remained at the podium where the press conference was being conducted with Wladimir condemning the Brit’s behaviour “I’m totally disappointed, it went a little too far, the sport of boxing shouldn’t be like that.”

German police are set to open an investigation into the incident, with both Haye and Chisora being held for interviews.

This shocking act has stained and tarnished the reputation of British boxing, time and again both of these men have being nothing more than an utter embarrassment to the sport. They are set to have the book thrown at them by the World Boxing Council and the British Boxing Board of Control. 

Haye had absolutely no business invading the press conference, attempting to steal the limelight and confront Vitali, accusing the Ukrainian of ducking him. Neither of these men deserve the big fights they are both hoping for.

Boxing is not a sport full of thugs, it is a sport where men channel their aggression and settle any disputes in the ring. Haye and Chisora have not only tarnished their own reputation but the reputation of any young fighters attempting to break through in the business.


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